Golden Isles Parkway Association, Inc., (GIPA) invites everyone to join our organization.  We offer numerous benefits for being a member.

Benefits of GIPA Membership

We offer information about your community, business, organization or company to Hwy 341 victors.

  1. Networking opportunities at our meetings and events;
  2. Link to your organization's website from the GIPA site;
  3. Access to GIPA member information;
  4. Opportunities to cosponsor advertisement with GIPA on GIPA related events'
  5. Opportunity to assist GIPA in effort to promote Hwy 341 and better Georgia tourism

Annual Membership Levels

Municipality                                                    $100

Chamber of Commerce                                $100

Tourism Board/CVB/Welcome Center       $100

Development Authority                                $100

Business                                                          $ 30

Individuals                                                       $ 30

Associate Community                                   $ 75
*Community not located along Hwy 341

GIPA Member Projects:

  1. GIPA Brochures- This brochure will list and describe member communities along Hwy 341 in an effort to promote tourism and economic growth. These brochures will be distributed throughout Georgia.
  2. GIPA's Annual Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale Rack Card- This rack card will list member communities that are participating in Georgia's Longest Yard Sale Event...Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale.
Membership Information
Golden Isles Parkway Association, Inc.